Manage Your Email Preferences

Individual Preferences and Re-Subscribing

To manage your email preferences or re-subscribe to Continuum emails, submit your email address in the form to the right and you'll receive an email with a link to manage your unique email preferences.

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Add Team Members

You can also add team members to Continuum's mailing list using this form. Simply submit their email address and they'll receive an email enabling them to subscribe to their preferred email communications.

For example, if you have a technician that you would like to receive Important Product Updates or marketing manager who would like new content updates, enter their email address to the right and they'll be able to subscribe to Important Product Updates or the Company Newsletter, as well as other communications they may be interested in from Continuum.

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Continuum's Email Subscriptions

Here are the different emails you can subscribe to from Continuum:

  • Important Product UpdatesWe recommend all partners subscribe to this. Stay up to date on important product updates to Continuum and how they affect your business. These updates include the monthly product release notes, critical product updates for Continuum and/or our integration partners and new product announcements.
  • MSP Education: There's always room to learn. Subscribe here to get emails to our helpful tips, business strategies, informative IT content and more!
  • Weekly Partner Newsletter: A weekly recap of important updates, news and content to help you stay up-to-date on all things Continuum.
  • Company News & Announcements: Subscribe here to get important Continuum updates and exciting company announcements.
  • MSPblog Subscription: Get Continuum’s newest blog posts straight to your inbox. Sign up for Instant, Daily, Weekly or Monthly notifications. Never miss out on our awesome blog content!