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In the current threat landscape, MSPs are faced with serious security issues to solve for their SMB clients-but without the proper enablement, the promise of building an enduring security line of business will be shattered. The Global Cyber Security Roadshow will provide MSPs everything they need to emerge as the cyber security leader their clients need-from free training to unique peer advice and networking opportunities to white-label security materials.

Sponsored by Webroot, the Global Cyber Security Roadshow will highlight next-gen AI and machine learning capabilities, as well as key tactics to successfully bring security to market. Join us in Perth on July 25th at 5:30 to hear from Continuum and Webroot to get:

  • An inside look at Continuum Fortify
  • Tips to leverage AI and Machine Learning innovations
  • Winning tactics to grow revenue through managed security

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SpeakersJoy Beland - Corp Headshot - M-1
Joy Beland, Sr. Director
for CyberSecurity Business, Continuum

From 1997 to 2018, Joy Beland owned and managed her own MSP practice, LA IT Girl, Inc, later Pink Hat Technology Management in the greater Los Angeles area.

Joy has gained national attention for her thought leadership in Security Awareness Training, security solution bundles, and understandable and engaging messaging around security.

In 2018, Joy celebrated 21 years as an MSP. Her ability to market and sell cybersecurity helped her to increase topline revenue by 30% in 2018, paving the pathway to a successful acquisition of assets by Sharp USA on January 1st, 2019.

After the acquisition, as well as years of partnering with Continuum and seeing how they value their MSP partners, Joy made the decision to join the team, becoming Continuum’s Sr. Director of Cybersecurity Business.

James Manson, Sales Engineer, Webroot

James has over six years’ experience in the cloud security industry. James has a deep understanding of the threat landscape and as a Senior Solutions Engineer, he is the key product specialist for Webroot in the APAC region.


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