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We know marketing is tough for an MSP. You're always busy putting out fires, who has time to do marketing? However, it's important to thank your clients and make sure they know that you appreciate them. That's why we put together these awesome email templates for you to use this Holiday season!

We hope these templates make it a little easier for you to give thanks to your clients. Feel free to download of as many as you'd like, they were built for you to use! You'll also find instructions below for how to upload the templates to your email marketing platform.

NoteThese templates consist of basic HTML/CSS code. To edit your message, you'll need to upload the template to your email platform and edit the template code directly. We recommend that you only use these if you're familiar editing HTML and/or CSS.

As our partner, we hope you have a great Thanksgiving and Holiday season!  Here's to a wonderful New Year!

Click here to view our guide for downloading these templates and implementing them in your email marketing platform.

NEW: Thanksgiving Templates!


Basic Color Templates (click to view full template and download)

Holiday-email-template-blue Holiday-email-template-green Holiday-email-template-orange Holiday-email-template-red


Other Templates

Screen_Shot_-_cheers Screen_Shot_-_harddrive