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Continuum Webinar Series

How to Design Referral Programs that Create Raving Fans

New business development is the lifeblood of every organization's growth. Yet, generating leads through marketing and cold calling can be an expensive and often unrewarding effort. 


Join prospect attraction expert Kendra Lee and discover how to create and execute a highly effective referral program for customers and staff. Learn tips on shortening your sales process, reducing cost of lead generation and integrating a referral-gathering culture into your business.


Learn Strategies for:


  check-orange  Creating an effective referral program for existing customers

  check-orange  Engaging your sales and service staff in referral gathering

  check-orange  Shortening the sales process and making it more effective

  check-orange  Reducing the cost of lead generation


Watch now to learn effective and fast-acting strategies, tailored to managed services providers.



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