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Network Operations Center support adds 700+ technicians to your workforce, absorbs daily maintenance and backup verification, and instantly expands the scope of your BDR services.

Robust Features like Continuous Data Protection, block-level backup and Tru-Verify™ provide added peace of mind and ensure backups are executing successfully.

Pay-As-You-Grow and dedicated account management provide you with unmatched opportunities for profitable BDR growth and scalability.

Ethan Tancredi Testimonial

"Continuum BDR has allowed us to reallocate internal resources that were previously spending their time verifying backups, troubleshooting failures or responding to other issues. We can now rely on Continuum’s tools and personnel to complete these tasks, and our engineers are operating more efficiently—they’re able to focus on driving more value for our customers."

Ethan Tancredi, President, MySherpa

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