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Identify Gaps

Define Your Protection Capabilities
Featuring out-of-the-box profiles that align with specific customer needs, Fortify for Protection allows you to clearly define security policies for each of your clients. Each profile offers risk scores and customizable alert thresholds, so you can define acceptable risk levels for protected machines and easily identify potential vulnerabilities to understand where corrective action should be taken. And with the Continuum SOC regularly building and adding new profiles, you'll have opportunities to sell new services to your clients and generate additional security revenue.

Mitigate Threats

Detect Threats and Respond Swiftly
Fortify for Endpoint and Fortify for Network provide 24x7 threat monitoring and mitigation to help MSPs address active threats as quickly as possible. Both the product and our cyber security experts will monitor events and analyze suspicious activity in order to remove false positives, ensuring you only receive tickets that actually require attention. Those tickets are then categorized based on their severity, and include recommended remediation steps—helping you effectively deliver managed security services without building an in-house team of specialists.

24x7 SOC Support

Get 24x7 Monitoring While Working 9 to 5
Although cyber criminals never sleep, you certainly need to. Detect & Respond is backed by the Continuum SOC, providing you with the expertise and manpower needed to offer 24x7 threat monitoring to customers. When a legitimate threat is detected, the SOC provides rapid mitigation support to stop an attack in its tracks. Our teams then outline explicit steps you should take to recover where appropriate and ensure similar attacks don’t happen again in the future.

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