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Webinar Success Kit: Cybersecurity

With ransomware on the rise and the evolving threat landscape being a pressing concern for SMBs, there's a huge need for your managed security services. If you’re looking to get your head in the game and become a cybersecurity sales and marketing expert with Coach CISO on your team, download our new Cybersecurity Sales Success Kit: 2017 Edition! This coaching kit provides you with custom, white-label content you can leverage to tailor your pitch and grow revenue by cross-selling existing clients or attracting new prospects to your security offering.

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  • Webinar Presentation Materials
  • Slide-by-Slide Speaker Notes
  • A Guided Checklist
  • And more!

Everything You Need to Successfully Plan, Host and Execute Your Own Webinar!

About this Kit

As the cyber threat landscape continues to grow and evolve, modern businesses may be unaware of all the potential risks to their IT environments. It’s now your job to educate clients and prospects on these threats, but how exactly can you establish yourself as a thought leader and trusted IT provider?

This webinar success kit provides you with all the materials you need to promote and host your own webinar, helping you grow your influence in the market. This kit comes complete with a built-out webinar deck—which you can customize with your logo and other content—slide-by-slide speaker notes and key talking points, as well as checklist to guide you every step of the way.

Download this success kit today to strengthen your webinar strategy, share your expertise and generate more sales leads!

Download Your Success Kit

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