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Continuum and Webroot Present: Smarter by the Numbers. Smarter You.

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LinkedIn is the most powerful B2B network today—and when leveraged properly, it presents a tremendous opportunity for MSPs and ITSPs who are looking to generate new leads and drive new business. This webinar will help you capitalize on all that LinkedIn has to offer, providing clear, actionable takeaways and exercises you can use to drive real results.

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About the host:

bob-kocis.jpgRobert Kocis is Continuum's Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). He brings more than 20 years of experience in global sales leadership and business management. Prior to Joining Continuum, Bob served as Worldwide Sales and Customer Excellence at ANSYS for two years, providing leadership for the overall strategy and management of the global activities of the company’s sales and technical support units. Robert spent 16 years with PTC, Inc., a U.S. based software company specializing in 3D design software, product lifecycle management and service management solutions, in progressive sales leadership positions. He is also a graduate of the General Dynamics Nuclear Engineering School.

brandon-garcin.jpgBrandon Garcin is Continuum's Senior Content Strategist, and is responsible for the creation and execution of a variety of resources designed to win new business and support existing customer accounts. He has authored more than a dozen eBooks which have generated thousands of downloads, and has consulted with hundreds of Continuum partners to help improve their marketing and lead generation efforts through website optimization and content development. Brandon is also the host of The Weekly Byte, a video and audio series produced by Continuum that provides quick, digestible tips and best practices that MSPs can use to help their business succeed.

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  •  Developments and trends in cryptojacking, ransomware, malware, potentially unwanted applications (PUAs), and more
  •  How URL reputations and classifications help combat attacks
  •  Online risks: then and now
  •  How Continuum Security addresses key challenges in today’s threat landscape

Webroot 2018 Threat Report

About this Webinar

Get the facts you need to stay safe against today's threats.

When it comes to cyber security, change is the only constant. Analysts, researchers, and security companies worked quickly to identify and block emerging threats throughout 2017, but attackers were just as quick in finding new ways to evade defenses. The Webroot Threat Report shares a glimpse into our discoveries and analysis of threat activity during the year to equip you with the knowledge you need to overcome modern cybercrime. We also provide an overview of Continuum Security—a cyber security solution built to help MSPs transform their managed security services and develop a profitable security business model.

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • Developments and trends in cryptojacking, ransomware, malware, potentially unwanted applications (PUAs), and more
  • How URL reputations and classifications help combat attacks
  • Online risks: then and now
  • How Continuum Security addresses key challenges in today’s threat landscape 

About the hosts:

tyler-moffitt.jpgTyler Moffitt is a Senior Threat Research Analyst with Webroot. He joined Webroot in 2010 and is a key member of the Threat Research team, immersed deep within the world of malware. Tyler works directly with malware samples, develops antimalware intelligence, tests in-house tools, writes blogs, and speaks at industry events. He has a passion for hands-on learning, which ultimately results in improving Webroot capabilities and customer experiences with malware threat.

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