About this Webinar

Continuum Fortify provides the complete framework that MSPs need to effectively deliver cyber security services to their customers—and we’re thrilled to introduce three exciting products that MSPs and MSSPs can begin leveraging immediately.

Topics covered in this exciting webinar: 

  • Continuum CEO Michael George will provide insight into today’s evolving threat landscape and how Continuum’s strategic decision to acquire CARVIR and launch Continuum Fortify solves the pain that both MSPs and SMBs are facing.
  • You will meet CARVIR CEO Jay Ryerse and walk through the CARVIR business—how the operation works & the unique benefits CARVIR adds to Continuum Security.
  • Continuum Senior Director of Product Management Brian Downey will break down the Continuum Fortify solution—features, packaging, and a look into how it works for MSPs.

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