For most MSPs, it used to be a straightforward task to cover your bases around security. Simply bundle an Antivirus product suite and internet Firewall with your services and you looked like a hero. But IT technology and how we use it has changed, and the threat landscape has changed with it. The old Norm does not apply anymore. It’s being replaced by a new Norm and with it comes challenges but also lots of opportunities for MSPs. In this hangout our panelists MSP Founder and President, Ann Westerheim of Ekaru, and Jay Ryerse, CTO Security Products at Continuum, will discuss security go to market strategies that will help you dominate and differentiate your cybersecurity offerings.

About the Host:

Ann Westerheim
Ann Westerheim, Founder and President, Ekaru

Ekaru is an MSP in the Boston area and has worked with over 450 small businesses to support their servers, desktops, security, and network infrastructure. Ann is an engineering graduate of MIT with over twenty years of high tech experience in research, advanced development, product development, and usage, and the impact of technology.

Scott Minke
Scott Minke, CEO / C|CISO Partner, iTrust IT

Scott and his business partners have spent 22 years providing Managed IT and Security solutions to businesses with complex compliance and security requirements. He graduated from Texas A&M University, majoring in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science.

Jay Ryerse
Jay Ryerse, CTO Security Products, Continuum

Jay brings more than 20+ years of experience providing Information Technology and security solutions to businesses of all sizes. He’s the author of “Technology 101 For Business Owners” and named to “The World’s TOP MSP Executives, Entrepreneurs & Experts” by

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