The MSP cybersecurity market is at an inflection point. Offering just good security to your customers is not enough. The steps to offering great security starts at home.

About this Webinar

Many MSPs have built their cybersecurity business using our advanced Fortify solutions. Success has been claimed selling different point solutions from endpoint security products, network security as well as foundational security solutions to cover DNS or perhaps a firewall. But have you wondered if there was a better way to protect your SMB clients? Or even yourselves given the rise in attacks on MSPs?

While sometimes better means selling a more advanced product like an EDR solution to replace a more traditional AV solution, it doesn’t always mean that. Better can be defined by how these advanced products are used and managed.

Enter Managed Detection and Response.

Join Brian Downey, VP, Security Product Management at Continuum Managed Services, where he will walk through our upcoming release of Fortify that will introduce managed detection and response as well as a new product offering called Fortify for the MSP.  As part of this, Brian will frame the case for MDR and provide insight into how good security becomes great security so MSPs can become the hero.

Brian Downey, VP, Security Product Management,
Continuum Managed Services


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