While many MSPs are offering cybersecurity solutions today they are under attack at an alarming rate (over 300 at last count)

About this Webinar

Over the last few years more and more MSPs have begun offering security services, some moving completely into a MSSP model for their business but it's striking to see the rise in targeted attacks on the low end of the market, specifically SMBs. How is this possible you ask? In many cases it’s the MSP that is being compromised. What can you do?

During this webinar we will break this down along a few very common attack paths that attackers are taking. Then showcase how Fortify can not only help identify and mitigate the risks of these attacks, but enable you to have an easy conversation with your clients on these same risks.

About the Continuum Hosts:

Drew Sanford
Drew Sanford, Director of Sales Engineering

Join Drew Sanford, Director of Sales Engineering at Continuum Managed Services and walk away with a better appreciation on a few key ways for MSPs to better secure their own house to keep themselves out of the news but also use these same tactics to drive new business at your end clients.

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