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3 Things You Need to Do To $cale Your Security-as-a-Service Practice in 2018

The move to a recurring revenue driven private XaaS business model from a transactional business model is one of the most difficult transitions that a partner owner or senior executive will make in their career. Until this webinar program there has been no concentrated guidance.

What kind of corporate and business planning thinking and decision making do owners and senior managers in growth focused business partners need to be driving in their businesses to make their Continuity 247 centric, recurring revenue business model transition investments succeed. What kinds of investments need to take place in the marketing, sales, technical and financial functions in your business? How much is it going to cost, how long will your investment be at risk and what will your ROIC look like?

Join Bruce Stuart CMC, the President of Channelcorp, and the Continuum team to learn from Channelcorp’s research and current consulting experience about where the money is, and what is really going on in this fast moving and turbulent partner investment environment.



  • Scaling your security service offering in 2018
  • The latest trends, tactics and news of the cyber threat landscape
  • How to prepare a technical solutions framework for contracts
  • And more!

Scaling Your Security Service Offering

About this Webinar

Did you know that 73% of businesses expect to experience a major security #BREACH this year? Every day there are more and more cyber threats impacting SMBs and you have a great opportunity to $cale your security service offering in 2018. In this session, we will go deep on the latest trends, tactics, and news of cyber threat landscape. After the presentation, you will be prepared with a technical solutions framework and customer facing sales tools to win higher-margin reoccurring revenue security services contracts in 2018.

In addition, we’ll review how to you can get financially rewarded every month for selling hardware security solutions (i.e. endpoints, servers, networking, etc.) based on Intel technology. Come learn how you may be leaving money on the table. Register today to learn about this great opportunity to grow your security services and be more profitable in 2018.

About the Presenter

Continuum Webinar Host Bruce StuartEric Townsend, Director of SMB and MSP Marketing

As the Director of MSP and SMB Marketing for Intel Corporation, Eric has more than 18 years of experience supporting education and outreach across the computing spectrum—from devices to services to software. He has partnered with companies across industry verticals including healthcare, retail and services. He has strong beliefs in the efficiencies created by Managed Service Providers and the technologies they deploy. He has often consulted with ISVs and OEMs on the integration of Intel vPro and other technologies into their product offerings.

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