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About this Hangout

“As the market continues to boom, more and more MSP players are entering the scene, causing MSPs to look for innovative new ways to overcome common obstacles to growth and profitability. During this hangout, MSP experts Communications Systems and Pensar discuss three distinct ways they've successfully overcome these challenges to outperform the competition. Tune in to find out how.”

About the Hosts:

Don Bugo
Don Bugos, President and CEO of ComSys

ComSys is an established communications and technology solution provider for the North Central Florida region. Since 1981 ComSys has been committed to helping their clients maximize productivity and respond to business challenges more effectively by providing them with quality, cost effective, and converged technology solutions.

Mark Williams
Mark Williams, CEO, Pensar

Mark Williams is CEO of Pensar which is located in central London. Since 1996, Pensar has provided IT consultancy, procurement, implementation and support services for both Microsoft and Apple infrastructures whether they be on-premise, in the cloud, or on mobile. Pensar’s focus and expertise is with marketing agencies and investment firms.

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