Prove your value to prospects and clients with accurate, automatic network assessments

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Network assessments are a crucial part of the MSP prospecting phase. To quote work accurately and prove you can effectively support an IT environment, you need to know what’s really on the network—not just what the prospect says is there. If you don’t have network visibility, you could lose time and money through unquoted work resulting from unforseen network issues and surprise devices you didn’t know about. By using Auvik, you gain real-time network insight and control so you can prove your value, identify upsell opportunities, proactively assess network problems, and boost your profitability with right-sized contracts.

About the Host:

Alex Hoff, Co-founder and Vice President
of Sales and Product at Auvik

Alex Hoff is the co-founder and vice-president of sales and product at Auvik Networks. He spearheads Auvik’s channel program, working closely with MSPs to identify growth opportunities for their businesses.

Prior to co-founding Auvik, Alex was senior product manager at Sandvine, a publicly traded company that sells networking solutions to some of the biggest telecom companies in the world to help them manage their network resources more efficiently. While there, he built Sandvine’s Usage Management product line.

Alex has a degree in computer science, as well an MBA. He & his Auvik co-founders recently won the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Award from the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics.

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