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About this Webinar

Have you been thinking about offering an advanced Cybersecurity solution to your clients but are not sure where to begin? Perhaps you have been wondering just what the security opportunities are for your MSP? Or maybe you have struggled to identify what solutions to offer that would have the largest impact on your client base?

Every MSP that has built out a successful cybersecurity practice have all thought about these questions (and more) at some point …so if you are asking these questions, you are not alone.

Join Jay Ryerse, CTO, Security Products at Continuum where he will address these questions and many more that MSPs might have to help accelerate the journey to successfully selling security.

About the Host:

Jay Ryerse
Jay Ryerse, CTO Security Products, Continuum

Jay Ryerse is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and is our CTO, Security Products at Continuum Managed Services. He brings more than 20+ years of experience providing Information Technology and Cybersecurity solutions to our industry. He is the former CEO of an Atlanta based MSP, JTECH Networks as well as CEO of CARVIR – a Cybersecurity provider that Continuum acquired last June. Today he works closely with IT service providers and MSPs to provide insight and best practices for securing business networks.

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