About this Hangout:

Is your current RMM solution provider holding you back from being able to scale your business, make your technicians more productive and ultimately creating a lot of unnecessary headaches? Hear how successful MSPs, Network Coverage, Owner, Terry Ledger and Hill Country Tech Guys, CEO and Owner, Whit Ehrich overcame these challenges by switching to Continuum's RMM solution, Continuum Command and have since experienced cost and time savings, happier technicians and improved efficiencies across their business.

About the Panelists:
Terry Ledger

Terry Ledger is recognized throughout the IT industry for developing one of the most efficient, resolution driven IT companies. Founded in 1996, Network Coverage focuses on the commercial construction industry providing over 400 years of IT experience supporting construction software and the hardware necessary to help it perform optimally.

Whit Ehrich-250
Whit Ehrich

Whit Ehrich is the Owner of Hill Country Tech Guys. His company strives to innovate their client’s tech journey with new ideas interwoven in the IT support they provide. He is an RC enthusiast who once was a part of a high school team that created and drove a solar car from Texas to California.

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