What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

About this Webinar

As Halloween quickly approaches, we are bound to hear a good scary story, but the scariest story of them all may be around the topic of cybersecurity. According to recent security research, 43% of small businesses suffered data breaches last year. And only 13% of SMBs who do not use an MSP feel confident that their organization is able to defend against an attack. Tune in to our hangout to hear how ADNET and Logic TCG address security for their clients to keep their data safe. And join Continuum’s VP, Product Management of Security for his perspective.

About the Hosts:

Tim Weber, Director of Security Services,
ADNET Technologies

Tim Weber is the Director, Security Services at ADNET Technologies, an IT consulting firm in CT and NY. Tim works with clients to align their overall IT vision and goals with establishing secure environments. He is a frequent speaker at industry events and strives to help his audience think differently about their IT and security challenges.

Yohan Ruparatne, President,
Logic Technology Consulting Group

Yohan Ruparatne is President of Logic Technology Consulting Group out of Los Angeles which provides logical solutions to drive business growth by offering a broad range of IT services, ranging from fully managed IT Support, IT Consultation and Staff Augmentation services. Yohan has extensive experience helping companies achieve IT cost savings and in helping companies with their cyber security needs.

Brian Downey HeadShot
Brian Downey, VP, Security Product Management,
Continuum Managed Services

Brian is Vice President of Product Management at Continuum and is responsible for the overall security solution strategy and direction. Brian is passionate about developing and delivering solutions that allow small- and medium-sized businesses to effectively secure their environments.

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